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Qualix Platform uses computer vision, spectroscopy and IoT devices merged with AI-based data sciences for instant analysis of physical, chemical and ambient quality of food traced back to the source. Plantation companies, agricultural processors and other agriculture food chain participants form the customer base for AgNext.

The startup focuses on grains, oilseeds, pulses, tea, coffee, milk, cocoa, chilli, turmeric, pepper, ginger and animal feed in India.



Agriapp is giving empowerment to the farmers by providing

-complete information on crop production & crop protection

-smart farming with agriculture and allied services.

-Marketplace for bringing in farmers agri-input retailers & fulfillment services on a common digital platform.


                Agri Bolo

Visit app: AgriBolo sends regular messages to farmers for informing them about latest Agriculture updates.

-It will empower farmers with latest mandi/weather updates, best farm practices, expert advice related to soil health and nutrition, crop prices, a variety of seeds and optimum usage of fertilizers.

-E-trading, seed selling, machine rental in/out, warehousing  visit(website>menu>services)


Crop care, Crop plan, Market view, Farm voice interaction, weather forecast, bulletin/news.



AgroStar is a Pune-based m-commerce startup that 

-sells agricultural inputs(irrigation tools,seeds,equipments) directly to farmers.

-It has boosted the deliveries done by its field team (as against using an intermediary like India Post) to ensure the packages are delivered on time.


                          Apni Kheti

-CROP INFORMATION: Get relevant information about all indian crops.

-LIVESTOCK INFORMATION: Get all information you need regarding livestock rearing and their care.

-VIDEOS: Watch videos related to agriculture, livestock and farm machinery.

-Weather analysis & Mandi rates

-LATEST NEWS: About indian agriculture, livestock & government schemes

-PROGRESSIVE FARMERS: Inspiring stories of Indian Farmers & Connect with them.

apni kheti_edited.jpg

                                                      BharatAgri (Leancrop Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

-Dynamic weather based advisory

-soil testing

-water testing(for irrigation)

-crop information & farm mapping.



- Cropin is Full-Stack AgTech organization providing smart SaaS based solutions to agritech businesses globally.

- It allows farm businesses to take advantage of real-time data and insight from farms with the help of an accurate view of their operation throughout the growing season and to improve financial, operational and agronomy aspects.

- Cropin uses cutting-edge technologies, Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Geo-tagging & Satellite monitoring to revolutionize the agri-ecosystem.



- Regular guide on cultivation of your crop

- Discover various diseases,pests of your crop 

-Click photo of disease, send & receive solutions

- Weather forecast reports, mandi prices for your crop, knowledge center, Q&A, farming videos



-It provides multi-user, multi-location, multi-cropping software for all types of agribusinesses.

-The solution provides tools to assist in administration, planning, purchasing, inventory management, production, post-production, contract farming, human resources, quality control, and more.



 Their focus is to drive increased adoption of high-quality data and precision agriculture tools to improve productivity, profitability and sustainability of farm operations around the world.



FASAL is an AI powered platform for agricultural ecosystem. It records a variety of growing conditions on the farm and then uses artificial intelligence and data science to make on-farm predictions, before delivering the insights anywhere on any device including Android, iOS, tablets and web.



Farmers need a helping hand when it comes to input material and they most often rely on middlemen in the supply chain for this part of their business. This results in inefficiencies in the procurement of inputs just as it does in supply chain. Jaipur-based Freshokartz not only provides analytics to farmers based on soil tests, past crop history, and financial data, but also operates physical centres in the villages to provide farm advisory, deliver quality seeds, pesticides, and fertilisers to the farmer’s doorstep.



- Gobasco employs real-time data analytics on data-streams coming from multiple sources across the country aided with AI-optimized automated pipelines to increase the efficiency of the current agri supply-chain.

- Their data-driven online agri-marketplace affords the best prices for both the producers and buyers at yheir fingertips.

(information) INFO@GOBASCO.COM 


                     IFFCO kisan

-AgroICT services(free of cost localised  tailor-made solutions)

-Call centre (Solution as information)

-Rural distribution (fertilizers, pesticide, insurance services)

-Commodity services(selling and marketing)

-Software solution as app (IFFCO kisan app)


                                                  Intello Labs

- Intello Labs does quality assessment of food commodities using computer vision and AI.

- Intello Labs  help food businesses like growers, traders, retailers, food service companies, exporters, etc. to improve their customer satisfaction and cut down losses.



We are solving the core challenges of agri producers: to gain improved access to markets, technology(app) and capital. We work with various stakeholders of the agriculture value chain including farmers, FPOs(in almost all states), Mills and Agri-Enterprises(14 states).



●Visit KISAN app for:

-Explore Products & Brands, Watch product videos and download brochures.

-Request a call with company representatives(Get guidance from experts).

-See how a product works on a video call.

Attend live webinars.

-Know what’s new in the market in the Launchpad (Avail best offers in the market, at one place).

●Visit Kisan website for attending largest farm fair of country. Over 1,50,000+  farmers visiting and 500+ companies participating at KISAN.



-Farmers community

-weather forecast

-govt yojanas(info)

-Pashu mela(online livestock buying selling)

-online Agriculture market(fertilizer,seeds, pesticides,tools).



 KrishiHub app helps farmers at different stages of farming. There are multiple features obtainable in the app in 7 languages that help farmers stay informed about the weather, mandi price, crop calendar, news & policies, and best practices.



O4S, also known as Original4Sure is a SaaS platform that helps brands streamline the downstream supply chain by increasing supply chain visibility.

Its model revolves around serialisation or the process of providing every primary product with a unique identification number right at the manufacturing site. Post this process, at every data capture event in the downstream change, O4S charges a fee from the brand.


                                                           Occipetal Tech

Occipital Tech provides automated grading and sorting solutions.  It offers a color sorting system that detects and sorts products by its color and an optical grading solution that classifies products by shape and size. The grade data is then converted into a QC report which can be generated at the dispatching end and then sent to the buyer.



-The company offers a reservoir and dosing unit (for dosing and monitoring the nutrients, pH, and circulation of the water), the Physiz brain for automating and controlling all the operations including water pumps, grow lights, humidifiers, dosing unit, etc.

-It also offers a web-based software (FarmFeed) as personal growing assistant for controlling the farming operations.



A mobile crop advisory platform for farmers, Plantix can diagnose

-plant diseases, pests and nutrient deficiencies affecting your crops using artificial intelligence algorithms and geo-tagging.


                   RML AgTech

Mumbai-based RML AgTech provides smart farming solutions using data analysis to help the farmers from growing to selling their products.



Brings India's number one online agriculture training (hydroponics farming, beekeeping farming, polyhouse farming, mushroom farming).

-Get expert advice on; how to setup your business techniques and tips to grow business.

-Clear your doubts in one to one session.



SatSure has been at the forefront of bringing the

-best practices of satellite image processing, big data capabilities, and IT to agriculture.

-Helps improve crop insurance, innovate on agri lending services, and improve market linkages by creating intervention and decision intelligence frameworks for agri value chain stakeholders.


-Skymet has installed over 7,000 AWS (Automated Weather Stations) to generate real-time weather and crop monitoring data.

-Besides weather information, real-time weather-based advice is also available.


                  Xarvio Scouting

Just by walking over the fields and taking pictures you can:

-  identify weeds,

- determine and count insects in the yellow traps ,

-  recognize diseases,

-  analyze leaf damage,

-  and examine the Nitrogen status.

- Everything you spot on your walks is documented in a diary – so you have a complete history available at your fingertips.

- community of farmers

- SCOUTING Radar shows you, what’s going on in your surroundings. You will receive a detailed overview and can detect risks early on.

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