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Safe and Secured Finance

            AgRisk Solutions
Ag Risk Solutions is an industry-leading Crop Insurance agency working with ag producers to help them make better, more informed risk management decisions.


                   ekgaon- Microfinace
-financial (credit, savings, remittance, insurance, investment, and mortgage on mobile phones)


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                     Arya Collateral
- Want loan for agri-commodities, Contact (visits website) Powered by Aryadhan Financial Solutions.


-It provides multi-user, multi-location, multi-cropping software for all types of agribusinesses.

-The solution provides tools to assist in administration, planning, purchasing, inventory management, production, post-production, contract farming, human resources, quality control, and more.



Farmers need a helping hand when it comes to input material and they most often rely on middlemen in the supply chain for this part of their business. This results in inefficiencies in the procurement of inputs just as it does in supply chain. Jaipur-based Freshokartz not only provides analytics to farmers based on soil tests, past crop history, and financial data, but also operates physical centres in the villages to provide farm advisory, deliver quality seeds, pesticides, and fertilisers to the farmer’s doorstep.


                     IFFCO kisan

-AgroICT services(free of cost localised  tailor-made solutions)

-Call centre (Solution as information)

-Rural distribution (fertilizers, pesticide, insurance services)

-Commodity services(selling and marketing)

-Software solution as app (IFFCO kisan app)


                  INI Farms
INI Farms is a provider of farming services to horticulture industries. It claims to offer services like;
technical guidance, access to inputs and markets, orchard management, contract farming, etc. 
-It claims to offer its services to farmers, investors, growers, etc and claims to use Global Food Agricultural Practises


Jumbotail is an online B2B marketplace and retail platform for food & grocery. It's a platform for wholesale buyers/retailers to procure their groceries, fruits, & vegetables from producers/manufacturers. It offers its own tech-driven supply chain and logistics to provide warehousing and fulfillment solutions to the sellers and storefront delivery to the customers. It also provides payment solutions to customers and sellers via our fintech platform.


Jai Kisan deploys a B2B2C model, partnering with these businesses, be it sellers (inputs, equipment, etc) or buyers (off-takers, market linkage, FPOs, processors, etc) to increase access to financial services for them and our nation's heroes, the producers of food - THE INDIAN FARMERS



-Farmers community

-weather forecast

-govt yojanas(info)

-Pashu mela(online livestock buying selling)

-online Agriculture market(fertilizer,seeds, pesticides,tools).


Niruthi technology provides location-specific crop monitoring and yield prediction from satellite and ground-based 3D crop mapping. We provide crop assessments at spatial resolutions as high as one-third of an acre. Yield prediction; Yield forecasts; Expert advisory; Crowdsourcing; Crop Insurance. Niruthi technology provides location-specific information for weather index and yield-based crop insurance schemes.


                                      Omnivore Partners
Omnivore Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in startups from India developing breakthrough technologies for food and agriculture.

The areas on which the company’s investment is focused include:
Precision Agriculture, Big Data & IoTSustainable Inputs & Farm AutomationSupply Chain, Food Safety & NutritionInnovative Food Products & ServicesWater Management & Rural EnergyFinancial Technology & Inclusion


    payAgri Innovations Pvt Ltd is an agri-fintech organization that orchestrates the entire transaction in an      Agri Value Chain and digitizes these transactions. The three principles on which the model functions are:
•   Remove the array of middlemen in the Agri Value Chain through direct linkages
•   Create a cashless ecosystem
•   Provide the benefits of large scale farming to small holding farmers


               PM-Kisan Goi
The Government of India launched an app for the new Central Sector Scheme(2019), “Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN)”. Under the Scheme, direct payment of Rs. 6000 per year will be transferred in three equal installments of Rs. 2000 each every four months into the bank accounts of eligible SMFs.



SatSure has been at the forefront of bringing the

-best practices of satellite image processing, big data capabilities, and IT to agriculture.

-Helps improve crop insurance, innovate on agri lending services, and improve market linkages by creating intervention and decision intelligence frameworks for agri value chain stakeholders.

            Star Agri
We help farming communities to protect their produce and reduce post-harvest losses to increase food availability without placing an additional burden on the environment.

◆Also, Agrigate is a tech-enabled platform which transforms Staragri's (owned and franchised) warehouses into smart warehouses. 


Samunnati is an Agri value chain solutions provider that enables growth in the value chain of the agricultural ecosystem. While empowering farmers and expanding Agri Enterprises, Samunnati propels the value chain to greater heights and better yield through financial, non-financial, and customized solutions. 

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