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Updated: Sep 17, 2021

tomato 3G cutting , shuruwaatagri
3G cutting

3G means the third generation. You may have seen plants have many lateral branches attached to the main branch. The main branch is the first generation or 1G branch.

The lateral branch directly growing from the main branch is the second generation or 2 G branch.

Then, the branches that grow from these 2G branches is the third generation or 3 G branch.


•3G cutting method

•Advantages of 3G cutting

•List of plants in which 3G cutting is done

•Important points to remember

•lags of 3G cutting

•Bottle gourd cultivation using 3G cutting technique.

•Brinjal cultivation using 3G cutting technique

•chilly plant cultivation using the 3G cutting technique

•Current status of 3G cutting method in India

What is the 3G cutting method?

As you have seen, the plant contains mainly 1G or 2G branches which bear a large number of male flowers and few female flowers.

So, the 3G technique is used to resolve this problem.3G cutting is a technique in which we trim the branches of a plant due to which we get more 3G branches as they bear more female flowers and ultimately the yield increases.#ilove3Gcuttingtechnique #3Gcutting #3Gcuttingmethod #advantagesof3Gcutting #importantpoints #lagsof3Gcutting #Bottlegourdfarming #Brinjalcultivation #chillyplantcultivation #currentstatusof3Gcutting

Advantages of 3G cutting

•3G cutting method helps to increase the ratio of female flowers in a plant. •This method also increases productivity in a small land area. •By this method, income increases in the same small area as it is very profitable for the farmers. •This technique helps to enhance the fruit size and quality. •By adopting the 3G cutting method, one can improve the yield of crops without using expensive chemical fertilizers leading to better livelihood of the farmers.

List of plants in which 3 G cutting can be done:

• Cucumber

• Bitter gourd

• Bottle gourd

• Snake gourd

• Pumpkin

• Ridge gourd

• Sponge gourd

• Tomato

• Brinjal

• Chilly

• Okra

• Grapes

Important points to remember

•The main branch should be allowed to grow 6-7 feet properly.

•Proper sunlight must be provided to decrease the risk of fungal disease and infection.

•Adequate moisture should be provided during this technique. Do not let the soil to be dry.

Lags of 3G cutting

• 3G cutting technique is not easy to carry out as it requires proper time and attention.

• The farmers who have large land holdings, cannot perform this technique easily as it requires a large manual work with enough skill and knowledge about this.

• While carrying out this technique, trimming and pruning of branches, may give rise to disease or pest attack. The fungal infection may also occur so precise care and protection must be taken.

Bottle Gourd cultivation using the 3G technique

Bottle Gourd is the most demanding and important vegetable that is grown in almost every state. Farmers are recently facing problems in production and good profit from the Bottle Gourd cultivation.

So, they adopted a smart farming technique i.e. 3G farming to overcome this issue.

bottlegourd , shuruwaatagri

The process for this is:-

•Let the gourd plant grow up to 6 to 8 feet, with healthy growth.

•If branches grow below the height of 5 leaves of the plant then, prune it.

•When the plant reaches up to the desired height then, cut the tip of the main branch.

•This cutting will allow 2G branches to grow through 1G branch.

•Then let the 2G branch up to 2 feet height and after this height cut the tip to allow 3G branches to grow.

•Now, these 3G branches will bear good female flowers due to which production and yield increase.

Brinjal cultivation using 3G cutting technique

• To apply the 3G cutting method on the Brinjal plant, firstly you have to wait till the main stem of the plant becomes a little hard.

• Provide sufficient sunlight to the plant for better growth and development.

brinjal, shuruwaatagri

• Then, you have to prune or trim the tip of the plant which is 1-2 inches in height properly and safely without damaging the plant root.

• Now, you will see that new branches through the main branch.

• Then again you have to trim the tip portion of every new branch after 15 days so that 3G branches will grow and bear more female flowers.

• After trimming add a little amount of vermicompost to the soil so that growth will be better.

• By this, the plant will become bushy and more number fruit will produce.

Chilly plant using 3G cutting technique

• Let the chilly plant grow up to 1-2 feet with proper care and appropriate sunlight for growth.

• When the chilly plant reaches its desired height, trim the tip safely and precisely.

• After 10-15 days, when the side branches or 2G branches grow then again cut the tip of every new branch carefully.

• This process will help to control the growth of plants so that 3G branches will grow in more numbers and bear more female flowers.

• By this, the chilly plant will show fabulous results in fruit sets and yield.

chilly, shuruwaatagri

Current status of 3G cutting technique in India

Currently, farmers are adopting the 3G farming method as it is easy to adopt and widely used especially in home gardens. This technique is a key to smart farming and also a boon to farmers as they will get rid of excessive use of chemical fertilizers. It is a revolutionary technique for doubling the cucurbits crops yield.

Due to the hazardous use of pesticides, the pollination of crops sharply decreased. Most of the farmers in the world including Nepal facing the problem.

According to research studies, the 1G and 2G branches bear only male flowers and few female flowers in a 14:1 ratio which creates a false illusion of heavy flowering but low fruiting.

So, this method helps to enhance the number of female flowers and fruits sets due to which ultimately leads to a high yield per branch or per plant.

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