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Introduction: Tractor

Tractor is a vehicle which is used in agricultural land for performing various agricultural operations. It is a power unit having wheels or tracks that pulls heavy pieces of machinery.



Types of tractor

On the basis of structure, tractors are classified into three groups:

  • Wheel tractors - Wheel tractors have three to four air filled wheels, four- wheel tractor is the most popular tractor.

  • Crawler tractors - Such kind of tractors run on tracks and have no wheels. They are also known as track type tractor or chain type tractor.

  • Power tiller - It is used for cultivation, tillage and weeding. It is a working type tractor in which only two wheels are present. Operator works behind the tractor and controls the field operation.

There are various tractors which are used in different field on the basis of work done and size of field.

  • Compact tractor

Its range is from 20.9 HP to 62 HP which can work in small to medium sized properties. As the name itself suggesting, it is small in size due to which it is easy to manoeuvre and can be fitted with many attachments. It is usually used for mowing, landscaping and animal management. It is also used in orchards and vineyards.

  • Utility Tractors

Ranges from 57.9 HP to 133 HP. Utility tractors are large and powerful. If you are having a property more than 10 acres then you can buy. These are useful in moving hay bales or clearing roots of trees. They more weight than compact tractors.

  • Farm Tractors

Its ranges from 70 HP to 210 HP. They can handle the toughest job and can perform almost all the tasks on large farm. They are also known as row crop tractors or agricultural tractors. These are the most dynamic tractors in the market.



How to select a tractor?
1- Land holding: 1 HP tractor for 2 hectares of land is recommended for single cropping pattern, therefore for 40 hectares of land a tractor of 20 to 25 HP is sufficient.

2. Cropping pattern used: In an irrigated area where two are more crops are grown 1 HP tractor for 1.5 hectare land is recommended. So you can have 30- 35 HP tractor for 40 hectare land.

3. Soil condition: For light textured soil, tractor having high ground clearance, less wheelbase and lower overall weight is recommended, but the same does not work in black cotton soil.

4. Climatic condition: Air cooled engines are preferred in very hot zone and desert area. Water cooled engines are liable to get frozen at very high altitude, so air cooled engines are preferred there.

5. Maintenance and repair facilities: The dealers of tractor must be in nearby place so that maintenance and repairing of machine can be easily done.

6. Running cost: Running cost of the tractor must be less i.e. fuel expenses should be reduced by using less specific fuel consumption tractors

7. Initial cost: Initial cost of a tractor should not be very high.

How to maintain a tractor ?

It is necessary to maintain a tractor for better efficiency. Your maintenance defines the durability of tractor. Following are some tips :

1. Read the manual:

After buying a tractor, you must read its manual because it consists some essential information regarding tractor like maintenance schedule, specification, location of all parts of machine and other instructions.

2. Get all maintenance tools:

An owner of a tractor should have all the important tools required for maintaining a tractor.

3. Protection from rain:

The exhaust system, seat, instruments etc. of a tractor should be protected from rain, so cover it well. Proper space must be there to keep a tractor.

4. Check fluids regularly:

Maintenance of lubrication system is very essential. Check the engine oil, coolant battery, electrolyte, transmission fluid and hydraulic oil regularly. Leakage in any part of a tractor could damage tractor parts.

5. Right air pressure in tires:

Inflation pressure of all the tractor is not same. In a same tractor also, the front and the rear tyre might have different pressures. Air pressure should be checked on regular basis.

6. Check out the brakes:

Check the braking system whether it is lubricated or not. Proper lubrication is must. Braking system should work properly. Nowadays, most of the tractors have automatic brakes.

7. Check filters regularly:

Filters are present in tractor to protect it from dirt and dust. It is recommended that fuel filter and air filter should be checked regularly because dirt and dust can cause harm to the components. Clean the filter.

8. Do not overload:

Do not overload your tractor as it will wear out very soon.

Some top models of tractor used in agriculture
  • Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT- It is a compact size 15 HP tractor which is generally used for cultivation of cotton, maize, sugarcane, mango etc. Starting from Rs.2.5 Lakhs

  • Sonalika DI 35 RX- It is an utility type tractor having 39 HP engine. Starting from Rs. 5 lakhs.

  • Kubota NeoStar B2741 - It is a mini tractor having 27 HP engine mainly used for cultivation, reaping, puddling, etc. Starting From ₹5.45 Lakhs

  • John Deere 5105 - It is a durable tractor having 40HP engine used for cultivation, rotavation, spraying, pudding, harvesting, etc. Starting From ₹5.55 Lakhs.



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