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Would like to eat Black Rice? | BLOG SHURUWAAT AGRI

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Food is a fundamental human need, we all are fond of eating flavorsome dishes made by varieties of cereals, vegetables, etc. But among these multifarious fares, the one which is loved widely around the world

and is well known as the staple food of our diet is rice, especially because innumerable dishes are made up of rice. You will be amazed to know that the rice we eat daily is not a single variety of genus – Oryza. There are a total of 22 species of rice but only 2 of them are edible and between these two Oryza sativa holds the biggest share of the rice market.

Another astonishing thing; Oryza sativa itself has different varieties which not only differ in shape, size, aroma but also in colors. And today we will tell you about a miraculous rice variety tagged as black rice.

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Black rice , Shuruwaatagri


Know about black rice

• Black rice is a medium-grain, non-glutinous rice variety that consists of certain antioxidants. These antioxidants are responsible for its rice’s characteristic black color. This rice contains an aroma.

• Black rice comes under the category of super-food that signifies its unique potential, flavor, and presentation.

• It also has some medicinal properties

• Pregnant and breastfeeding women should only take black rice after doctor's consultation .#precautions

#doctor's consult

Origin and history

According to genetic research, this variety was developed from Japanese rice [indo japonica rice variety]. A specific gene that has gone haywire in black rice triggering plants to produce large amounts of anthocyanin causing blackish-purple color pigmentation. This Variety Oryza sativa .L indica is very popular among high-class societies in China and in East Asian regions.

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  • color pigment Anthocyanin which has antioxidant properties. is present in its bran hull[outermost part].

  • This rice was renowned as forbidden rice in ancient China as only higher-class families could afford to eat it.

  • It has a similar amount of fiber to brown rice

  • It changes its color from deep black to purple when cooked.

  • It is Poly nutritional in nature and comprises high protein, low sugar, salt, and fat & Rich source of vitamin B, vitamin E.

  • consists of various micro and macronutrients like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, etc.

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black rice benefits, shuruwaatagri


Beneficial for heart health

• Reduces cancer risks

• Delays aging

• helps reducing inflammation

• Maintains blood sugar level

• increases digestive efficiency • Helps reduce swelling and thyroid-related problems

❖However all these are Not scientifically evident, all this is based on theoretical and public beliefs

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Indian states producing black rice

Black rice is initially grown in northeastern regions in India

[profusely in Manipur] but now extensively grown in Odisha, West Bengal, and Jharkhand. Its cultivation recently started in Bihar also.


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Regional names

• known as chak hau in Manipur • Known as kalo dhaner chad [black paddy rice] in Bangladesh • Known as karuppu kavuni in Tamil Nadu.

  • Known as Kala chavul in Assam

Farming practices of forbidden rice

Black rice field ,Shuruwaatagri

• Black rice can be grown in any region where normal white rice varieties are grown

• seed cost- Rs.500 per kg.

• No lodging property

• Crop period = 5-6 months

• Organic farming is more suitable for this crop.

• Less water requirement than normal rice crop varieties.

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Average market price

The average price of black rice in the market is: Rs.150-180 per kg [from august 2020 to July 2021]

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planting method

The traditional way of cultivating Black rice is broadcasting.

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seed rate

Seed rate =5 kg/acre under SRI as recommended.

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Transplantation distance

25cm (row to row) x 25cm (plant to plant) is idle transplantation distance .

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Black rice does not need frequent irrigation. It can grow in medium water availability also.

harvesting period

Black rice is long duration crop. It needs 150-160 days for full production.

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Black rice gives its full potential when its cultivation is done by an organic farming method.

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This process can consume

30-40 kg of seeds per acre.#yield #profit #global market #economic


black rice dishes ,  shuruwaatagri

• Porridge making

• Dessert dishes

• Black rice cakes

• Noodles and bread

Chak hao kheer (pudding)

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Why in the news

Recently Manipur indigenous black rice or chak huo found its new destination in Europe [august 2021].

one year ago it got its GI tag i.e. geographical indication tag from The Geographical Indications Registry.

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Future aspect for this rice

Recently Japanese researchers have found that genes of black rice are traceable and can be rearranged, which will lead to new varieties of rice having diverse colors.

This rice variety has great demand in the global market.

The Indian government is open Handley adopting this variety as it has major economic value

Assam agricultural department produced black rice in a major portion of 13.3 hectares of land resulting in 12 tonnes of black rice production.

And global Entrepreneurs consider this rice as the future of enterprising farmers.