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Digital Mandi & Digital farming: The New way of Indian Agriculture | BLOG SHURUWAATAGRI


Digital marketing

It refers to making use of the internet, mobile phones, computers, websites, and all those that are involved in the technical world in selling out your product to diversified locations.



Advantages of digital marketing in Agriculture

• Diversified outlets – farm produces are made reachable to vast and diversified outlets. Instead of limiting its availability just to the area of farmers' residence, it is made available to the whole nation and even to various nations.

• Offers large chances of sale – it offers a huge probability of sale since the markets or disposing centers are huge in number so there are very high chances of sale as against traditional agriculture offers.

• Linkage and fair chance provision – it provides farmers with a fair chance to improve their business strategy. It also helps farmers stay connected be it a large farmer or a small farmer.

• Ensures good quality – this competition further allows farmers to ensure the good quality of their produce.

• Detailed description of your product – you can provide detailed information of your product along with pictures and state what your product is for, where it can be used, and more. You can even link some sites stating the necessary description of your product.

• Use of data – Data such as the pages and products visitors look at, the time they stay on a particular page, etc. could be exploited to your advantage.

• Most critically in the situations like now, when issues like pandemics refrain you from stepping out, you can very well use these digital sources for selling your products when customers and mandis too are found switching more to these sites.

Apart from all this, the success of your business lies in the way you tackle the challenges associated with it.




• Need to attract and bring your customers to your associated website.

• Time required for maintaining your website, checking data, routine management, checking of sites of concern, etc. is very high.

• Requires technical skills.

• In online marketing you cannot manipulate your customer the way you do in in-person marketing. You have relied on your product description and reputation.

• You require healthy transport, communication, and packaging facilities.


How can these challenges be met out?

• Ensure availability of coolers in case of perishables transport.

• Based on the weight, distance, and type of product take decisions like courier the product, ship it, or send it through public vehicles.

• Develop technical skills, in this digital era it is just a matter of switching to a video on YouTube and getting yourself trained or you could hire somebody for so.

• Mark the items eligible for shipping differently from the ones not eligible.

• Provide your data of how well your quality of the product is, how good are your sales, etc.

• Ensure customers that any product if not found in a good position could be exchanged.

• To prevent yourself from payment cheating ensure half advance payments or file fraudulent complaints.

• Sell your products to the government making use of sites such as e NAM of which detailed information is given in later paragraphs.

• If not present with enough time ensure hiring of an individual to look upon these issues.

• For small farmers try to make a reach to any large farmer or software expert in your family or so and try to make use of these technical facilities. You can also develop these skills through digital learning platforms like the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN.

• Make use of healthy and useful jugaads in making your trade successful and cost-effective.

Various online platforms

1. E NAM(National Agriculture Market)

What is it?

Under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, e NAM is a digital platform providing farmers with connected mandis for selling out their products at wider acreage.


With the mission of integration of APMCs across the country through a common online marketing platform to facilitate pan-India trade in agriculture commodities, providing better price discovery, the better quality of products along with timely online payment it provides a unified market for farmers, traders, and buyers all on one platform. The NAM markets are running popular as the crops are weighed immediately and the stock is lifted on the same day with the payments getting cleared online.

Availed on-

The mobile application is available for all android users in eight languages.

Payment facilities-

Kotak Mahindra Bank has been selected as the digital payment partner with UPI facilities being available.

Registration form-

You can avail this registration form through this government website

The guidelines for registration could be reached by a click on this site







2.The Maano- Virtual Farmers Market (VFM)

What is it?

It is an international app-based e-commerce platform designed in Zambia for meeting the needs of farmers. This app is an initiative of the World Food Program Innovation Accelerator.


This app connects farmers to markets and VFM creates a virtual network that allows farmers to interact with traders and other buyers.

3. APEDA(Agricultural and Processed Food Products Development Authority)


It facilitates the development and promotion of the export of scheduled products. It provides financial assistance, information, and guidelines for the development of scheduled products.

Could register as it’s member on


Under the central government, it sets the specifications for the scheduled products and provides assistance in marketing, packaging, finance, training, etc.




What is it?

It provides an integrated platform for farmers to sell their produce at fair prices


The DMI is successfully running NICNET based Agricultural Marketing Information System Network (AGMARKNET) in the country, for linking the APMCs, State Agricultural Marketing Boards, and DMI regional offices located across the country, selling produce at reasonable rates.

Site link



5. e-Charak

What is it?

Under the NMPB, Ministry of Ayush, and GOI, e-Charak provides knowledge of the herbs, aromatic plants, etc. to enable information exchange between stakeholders involved in the medicinal plant's sector and farmers.


Get better markets for product sales and make better decisions on what & how much to produce.

Website link



6. Spices Board India

What is it?

It is an autonomous body under the Spices Board Act 1986, responsible for the export promotion of the 52 scheduled spices. It also gives information on market prices of spices and helps in various other dimensions.

Its website


More sites can be taken into account from our website

at Agriservices section.

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