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Green Stressbusters, Growing Peace | BLOG SHURUWAATAGRI

Gardening stands as one of the favorite practices in today’s era. Being loaded at the workplace and working on computers all day, today’s generation can find peace by spending time with nature.

It is not always possible to visit places with the beauty of nature but instead, we can put plants at our house and can spend our own time with those beautiful living creatures. But, the major issues these days are that people live in a nuclear family, where houses are small and time is less for extra activities. It becomes tough to water plants daily and take good care of them.

So, as a solution, this blog consists of a few plants that do not require much care, much space and can give you positive vibes too. Therefore, the list of such gorgeous life-saving and time-saving

houseplants are below:

  • Succulents: Succulents are usually small plants that are capable to live with less water because they store water in their leaves. These plants love more sunlight and the amount of sunlight depends on their type. They have beautiful leaves and can make one’s garden gorgeous. Apart from these qualities, succulents also purify the air and remove toxins. Therefore, they can also help in providing purified air.

  • Begonia: Begonias’ are beautiful plants with big dark-colored leaves and these plants are sensitive to over-watering, thus is the best companion for a nuclear family. One can keep them in their drawing room or gardens. Its seeds are also easily available at different places.

  • Dracaena: Dracaenas’ have long, thin, and pointed leaves and can be planted in small pots. These plants can survive in no sunlight for days and without water. Not only for gardens or homes, but these are also best suited for office décor as well.

  • Ponytail Palm: Ponytail Palms have thin long leaves and love to stay in sun, and it needs to be watered every few weeks. Their soil should be dry and require waterless.

  • Snake Plants: Like the Ponytail Palm, the Snake plants also, don’t need water for weeks and these plants possess the quality of purifying the air. These are the most common plant type which can be seen at every plant lover’s house. One can place them indoors for a better quality of air.

  • Sedum: Sedums are another low-maintenance plant. They can survive in drought and require a huge amount of sunlight. Beautiful in looks, sedums can increase the beauty of one’s garden.

  • Desert Rose: Desert Rose, as their name describes does not need much water, and these plants can survive in sunlight as well as in shades. They can be the best choice for gardens of nuclear families.

  • Jade Plant: Jade plants are also known as money plants or lucky plants, are very popular and can be grown in drought conditions, that is, they need less water. They can be grown indoors in shady conditions but it requires sunlight for at least 4 hours a day. So, a spot with the least amount of sun can be good for them. These plants can improve the beauty of the corner and can bring good fortune too.

  • Bougainvillea: Bougainvillea is another most common plant type that can be seen at every house. These are highly adapted to intense and extreme drought conditions. Therefore, these can be the best choice for small spaces and the nuclear family.

  • Moss Rose: Moss Rose is another beautiful plant type that does not need water regularly. These plants are frost tolerant and are not adaptive to warm conditions.

  • Lantana: Lantana is another on the list that loves more heat and less water. These are also beautiful with peaceful fragrances. One can grow them in a pot since these pots are less demanding.

  • Milkweed: These plants have small, cute, and tiny flowers that can live in scarcity of water. They love to stay dry and warm. Therefore, these are best suited for this list.

  • California Poppy: Last on our list is the California Poppy, these plants are also adaptive to warm conditions and fewer water conditions. They grow fast and look beautiful. They can survive in both sunlight and shady conditions.

Therefore, the list above is the few popular plants that are best suited for the nuclear family or

those who cannot manage time for plants but want one. Hope you like our blog.

-Ananya Srivastava

School of Management Sciences (SMS), Lucknow

(2nd runner up BWC1)

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