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Must know about these Agriculture-related Agriculture websites!!! BLOG SHURUWAATAGRI

Updated: Feb 15, 2022


Shuruwaatagri is a platform/entity, arising in the field of AgriEducation, AgriServices & Agroadvisory. An online platform working as SAAS for Indian Farmers providing Solutions to overall problems faced by them at a single place with one-click-go facilities. Also, we promote knowledge with education, about modern agriculture among youth and resolve doubts related to farming systems.







It provides regular statistical information related to Indian agriculture sectors such as agricultural exports, agriculture census, agriculture education, agriculture prices, agriculture marketing, animal husbandry, horticulture production, agriculture insurance, and many more. The statistics data released by indiastatagri is used by Indian agriculture research institutes, agriculture economists, the Indian agriculture sector, and Indian agriculture universities.


Indian society of Agribusiness professional ( ISAP)

ISAP is a platform that works largely for farmers' welfare. They believe in " thriving farmers, thriving communities". ISAP works to meet technical innovations with rural farmers' communities. They encourage the farmers, women, and rural youth towards entrepreneurship development who would drive economic transformation in the agriculture sector. ISAP promoted Indiagram labs foundation which is an incubator of ag-tech and helps in a myriad of challenges across the agricultural sector.






Ministry of food processing industries ( MofPi)

MofPi plays r role of catalyst to attract quality investments from within India and abroad to make food processing a national initiative. This platform helps to meet farmers with greater income from their produce by better utilization and value addition of agricultural produce and also promotes export of processed food products.


Ministry of rural development

This website consists of information about the government's performance on the overall development aspect in the rural sector. This website also provides news related to center-state activity on rural development.



Farmnest is a web portal that provides services for the farmers by farmers. In this platform knowledge or material related to agriculture are to be shared, you can ask questions, post views, and meet with farmers in your area.







Agrixchange acts as a bridge between buyers and sellers. You can buy products on this platform at a reasonable price and you can sell your produce at a satisfactory profit. Agrixchange is a platform that provides frequently updated pricing from several countries.



FarmingIndia solution is a one-stop destination that delivers agriculture information, project reports, expert advice, and products to do farming and agribusiness. Here you can get information about field crops, horticulture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, organic farming, hi-tech farming, agribusiness, landscape gardening, and terrace gardening.


Department of Agriculture cooperation and farmers welfare

This platform release regular news related to agriculture. We can get information about farming agreements, job vacancies in the agriculture sector, and reforms of agriculture from this website. This platform also provides solutions for rural farmers by providing a KISAN CALL CENTER.


Agriculture and processed food export development authority ( APEDA)

APEDA is an Indian apex-export trade promotion active government body. Its vision is to create a world-class organization that introduces agro and value-added food products of India in the global markets and promotes India as the " Supplier of choice". This portal also provides an interface between farmers, storehouses, exporters, packers, surface transport, ports, railways, airways, and all others which work for export trade to the international market.



This agriculture website release new schemes, the latest techniques, new Agri policies, quality control, insects/diseases of crop and their prevention, and all information concerning agriculture.



This platform delivers the information, eligibility, requirements, and best comparisons related to various insurance policies such as crop insurance, weather insurance, tractor insurance, rural insurance, cattle insurance, life insurance, and Agri machinery insurance. This platform also displays Agri insurance news, Agri insurance companies, agriculture risks and a claim settlement guide.





India AgroNet

This portal is helpful for job seekers in the agriculture sector. This platform consists of all jobs and eligibility and requirements for the same. Such jobs are Agri sales jobs, Agri banking jobs, Government Agri jobs, Agronomy Jobs, Agriculture scientist jobs, Agriculture SRF-JRF jobs, Global Ag jobs, and many more jobs profile all over the country.


Farmer's Portal

Farmer's portal is a one-stop-shop for farmers that helps farmers for meeting all informational needs relating to agriculture, animal husbandry, and fisheries sectors production, sale/ storage, etc. This portal aim is to farmers do not have to suffer by moving on different websites for their doubts and they can easily get their solutions in one go. Farmers get information through text, SMS, email, and audio/ video in the language they can understand.


TNAU Agritech Portal

This portal provides subject-wise knowledge and study material for Agri students. TNAU is a platform that displays technologies, schemes and services, Agri information, market information, and daily updates concerning agriculture.


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