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A Super food that generates Super money: SPIRULINA FARMING | BLOG SHURUWAATAGRI

Updated: May 22, 2022



Health benefits

Growing conditions




The bulk of this farming in India

What for smallholder farmers in India

Retail market

Cost of setup


Spirulina is a type of blue algae that is rich in nutrients, which include B vitamins, beta carotene, and vitamin E. It is a good source of vegan protein. It is grown for use as a food supplement and for whole foods. It contains other compounds that can be beneficial for the rest of your life, including antioxidants, minerals, chlorophyll, and phycocyanin.

Health benefits

• can help reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

• It is useful for HIV-positive patients as it may improve insulin sensitivity and lower cholesterol levels in people with diabetes

• Promise in the treatment of high cholesterol and high triglycerides

• has strong anti-cancer effects

• improves muscle strength and endurance

• Improves brain power as it increases Ribonucleic acid. Studies in animals have shown a decline

blood sugar level

Growing conditions

• Climate - Tropical and subtropical

• Temperature - can live in temperatures between 22 ° and 38 ° C

• 20-30 L K light available

• Motivation - Personal movements are performed once every two to three hours during the day, otherwise the machine.

• Water - A shallow depth of 20 cm for the correct water length


• Water pumped into each concrete pool to the required length and rowing wheels

• p is considered correct i.e., 8- 10

• The required salt is added

• After the formation of micronutrients, the pond is ready for germination

• 30 grams of dried Spirulina is added to every 10 liters of water


• Allergies begin to multiply in biomass within three to five days

• It grows well by eating nutritious food in a normal way

• Check the amount of nutrients and add clean water from time to time

• Spirulina for Adults changes from light to dark green in color


• Usually, the pond will be ready for harvest five days after planting

• filtration is done to harvest Spirulina

• The culture is collected in a container and poured over a cloth

• The culture medium flows back into the pool, leaving Spirulina in a cloak

• After filtration, the collected Spirulina is thoroughly washed in distilled water to remove any salt residues, impurities, or cultural residues.

• New Spirulina cannot last more than 2 days, so it needs to stand to maintain its nutrients and last longer.

• Sun drying is best, otherwise drying in the oven requires 60 ° C takes about 4 hours and 40 ° C takes about 15 to 16 hours.

The bulk of this farming in India

Spirulina production will be 100 to 130 kg per month. Spirulina dry powder on the market will fetch about Rs. 600 / - per kg. A farmer can earn 40k-45k. It is a very lucrative business every year and every month.

What for smallholder farmers in India

When planted on 1 hectare it can produce more than 1 lakh per month after investing 2 lakh on the spirulina farm.

Retail Market

Spirulina in a 2-gram dry bag is packaged and sold to two local NGOs. Spirulina is mixed with millet, jaggery, and sesame to produce a "chikki" energy bar to feed 2000 children a day who cannot make a living.

• There are 114 active Spirulina buyers in India.


• SOUTHERN INDIA AQUATEK is a major buyer of Spirulina and pays for 105 shipping

Now mentioning a few top companies operating spirulina market for you–

  • Yunnan Green A Biological Project Co., Ltd

  • Fuqing King Dnarmsa Spirulina Co. Ltd

  • Earthrise Nutritionals, Llc (Part Of Dic Corporation)

  • Inner Mongolia Rejuve Biotech Co. Ltd

You can find leads for buyers of Spirulina

Cost of setup

• Rs 600 / kg - dry spirulina.

• It sells about 100- 160 kg / month

• Total setup costs - 12,75,000

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