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Types of harvesters

Top models of harvesters in India


Harvester is a multi-purpose equipment for the modern farm which can be used to harvest different kind of crop and collect them. These crops may be wheat, maize or rice, etc. It can perform reaping, winnowing and threshing in single way. This allow the harvesting of crop more efficiently and quickly which help the farmers to harvest large amount in lesser time.
In harvester, the tank is present which collects all the grain and later transfer it to the container. When the tank gets filled up, the grain are passed to trailer through side pipe.
Types of harvesters

•Self-propelled- These type of harvester are used very commonly in India. They had heavy duty gear box, disc brakes and engine. Better cutter bar for cutting the crop in less time. They are also effective on hard soil in field. It needs low maintenance too.

Track- type harvesters- These type of harvester are mainly used in farms to cut, shirk and clean grains. It can be used for paddy and wheat crop in same attachment. To harvest the crop like maize then replace the header and rotor. It can work over soft and spongy soil.

Tractor mounted type- These harvester provides complete harvesting from cutting to threshing of crop. It acts as main mover and provide top quality at low price. The cutting section includes reel, cutter bar, an auger and feeder conveyor.

Top models of harvesters in India

Shaktiman Paddy Master 3776: It is manufactured by Ashok Leyland. It is used in rice harvesting. It is self propelled and move without any external force. It has 2185mm working width of cutting bar. It’s fuel capacity is 110 litres. It has 4009cc water cooled engine due to which it works more efficiently.

Preet 987: It is best for the farmers as it is multi crop straw walker. It has 14 feet working width of cutting bar. It’s fuel capacity is 365liters and has 2200 water cooled engine rated RPM. It’s cost is around Rs. 17 lakhs.

Kartar 4000: It is a trustable harvester which is famous amongst the farmers. It has 4199mm working with cutting bar. It fuel tank capacity is 380 litres. It is a multi crop harvester and has 101 hp water cooled engine. It’s cost is Rs. 18.4 lakhs.

Ks Group ks 9300: It is a crop master having 14.10 feet working width cutter bar and 4 cylinder water cooled engine.

Dasmesh 9100 Maize: It is a maize combine harvester and has 10.25 feet working width cutter bar for paddy and 13 feet working width for wheat. It has fuel tank capacity of 320 litres. It has 2200 water cooled engine which generates 110hp.

Mahindra Arjun 605: It has dual dry friction clutch type, 3532 cc engine capacity. Number of blades present are 49.

ACE ACW- 101: It is cost effective for farmer and multi crop self propelled harvester. It has 14 feet working width cutting bar. It generates 101 hp and has fuel tank capacity of 350 litres.

John Deere W50 Grain Harvester: It has arid spike tooth threshing system which make it to work more efficiently. It has 2100 cc engine capacity power of 75hp. It’s cost is Rs. 18.5 lakh.

New Holland TC5.30 harvester: It is strong and powerful machine made specially with high quality blades to prone fine cutting of crops. It has 14 feet working width cutter bar. It has large fuel tank which save extra expenses. It is of low price and economical.

Kubata Harvesting DC- 68G-HK: It is a self propelled multi crop harvester suitable for all paddy crops. It’s engine use less fuel. Its cutting bar is 900×1903 MM. It’s sharp blade chop fine grain very effectively.


In today's time agriculture is the main occupation which rural pursue for their livelihood. But they face many difficulty in harvesting the crop as when they do it manually a good amount of crop get wasted and it takes time to complete. So, harvesters are developed to ease the work of the farmers so that they get good yield without any wastage and in lesser time. Harvesters fits in the budget of farmers and works effectively.

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