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Types of seeders

5 cheapest Indian seeders

How to use a seeder?


Seeder or seeding machine is a machine which is used for agricultural purposes. This device allows sowing of seeds in straight furrows, positioning and burying them at precise rate and appropriate depths. It is perfect for planting a crop or in preparation of any garden. As we know, it is difficult nowadays to sow the seeds by bending your knees and lower back do it solve this issue seeders are developed. They work effectively, take lesser time and provide proper planting of crops. It is less expensive as it saves labor by doing the work for furrowing, seeding and covering of seed in a single way.

Types of seeders

Air seeders- Air seeder needs to be used with round and small seeds. They are not multi- purposes and are bigger in size than other seeder. It can work efficiently and cover a large area in less time. Fertilizer are also being applied along with seeding. Maintenance is less and can be operated easily.

•Box drill seeders- It is multi-purpose and can be used for most seeds according to metering. It requires low horsepower needed and maintenance. It is mostly used by small farmers.

Broadcast seeders- Broadcast seeder are of different types and range from carried seeder to one’s on back of tractors. It is mostly used for grass seed and carried out in spring for spreading grass in lawn. It get seed out quickly in large area. It is also less expensive.

Planters- They are most accurate ones and most expensive also. It’s metering is very precise. It sow the seed at uniform depth.

5 cheapest Indian seeders

Jagatjit super seeder- It is a combination of rotatory tiller and seed planters with press wheels. It is mainly used for the crops like wheat, grass and soybean and also used in removing stubbles of cotton, sugarcane, paddy, etc. It requires low maintenance and had aluminum and cast iron metering device. Cost for 7 feet seeder is 2.25 lakhs and for 8 feet is 2.45 lakhs.

Dasmesh-610 super seeder- It is tractor PTO operated machine that cuts and lift paddy straw, sows seeds of wheat and other crops into bare soil and also deposits the left straw over the down area as mulch. It is a multi-purpose seeder. It work efficiently without getting jammed by paddy straw. Its cost is Rs. 2.25 lakhs.

VishavkarmaSS3609 super seeder- It is a mild steeler which is used for sowing purposes. It’s weight is 800 kg. It’s fuel tank is large in size so requires 2.5 litres less diesel to work effectively. It’s row spacing is 225 mm for proper sowing of seeds. It’s cost is Rs. 3.50 lakhs.

. •BEW super seeder- It is KS brand super seeder with flail type straight blades mounted on straw management rotor which cuts the loose straw. It is a PTO driven machine works with 50 ho for 3-4 ha/ hr. It is affordable to the small farmers. It’s cost is Rs. 2.25 lakhs.

Star land super seeder- This seeder has gamma type of blades and it is a PTO driven machine with speed of 1600-1800 RPM and power of 45 hp. Number of tyres are 10 so that it can work on bare and soft soil too. It’s cost is 2.45 lakhs.

How to use a seeder?

Stabilizing the seeder- Firstly, stabilize the seeder with kickstand for 2-3 minutes if your field is not levelled.

Choose the right seed plate – Selection of seed plate must be correct as each seed plate has three indentions in the inner circle. Line them with notches with white wheel inside the seed hopper.

Lock the seed plate in place – Flip the kickstand up and push the seeder for few feet without seeds to ensure that the plate is perfectly locked.

Filling up of seed hopper- Fill the hopper with seeds and pick the seeder up from the beginning of the row without wasting the seeds.

Row spacing and seed sowing- Drag the seed spacer to make appropriate rows so that seed sowing must be at proper place and depth.


Agriculture in India is the main part for rural people as they earn and live their lives by growing crops and selling them. Many new technologies and equipment are developed to make their work easier and effective. Seeder is one of the best example of this. It allows the sowing of seeds for different crops in a straight furrows within the soil at precise rate and depth. Seeder is very profitable and successful machine as it does the whole work i.e. making furrows, sowing seeds, application of fertilizer and cutting for straw for paddy/ rice. These activities are carried out in single way and takes lesser time.

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