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Ways to self-ease the lifestyle of Indian farmers | BLOG SHURUWAATAGRI

Updated: Apr 6, 2022



Life of Indian farmers

Ways to reduce the stress of farmers

Amazing techniques that government should promote

What we can do to help and support them?



Indian farmers' self-qualified lifestyle roads are countries where urban and rural people live. India is the land of the village, and many people live in these villages and operate agriculture as the main occupation between the villagers and the main occupation among most of them. Farmers sell their products and live their lives. Indian economy is agriculture. Therefore, farmers are very important, and we contribute a lot in the Indian economy.

Life of Indian farmers

•As he happened early in the morning, Indian farmers who manage farmers are very many work, his cats and his cats and his field. He works all day without worrying about summer and cold and rainy wind. 
He takes care of the harvest he sown. Since he works hard and works, farmers’ life is very difficult, and there is also extreme poverty. He is born in debt and lives in debt. Farmers were those who offered 3 meals and himself could not be eaten completely. 
Natural unhappiness happens and removes his hard work. Then he was also overwhelmed by his pain and was with his relatives and God. When farmers are sick, there was no medicine to be provided to him, and he often had a clean and medical facility. 
•Farmers live in mud houses. We live in the city we can imagine their need and life fight. They are not interested in gold and cosmetics, but they raise a real gold and sell it to live his life.
Farmers are often haravent, and are well known byvillagers, magical bids, and taxes. 

Ways to reduce the stress of Indian farmers

•Many schemes are initiated to increase the irrigated area, improve soil health and it's quality cover the production risk and agro- processing and many other schemes.

•As we know that the farmers are receiving low income so to overcome this issue, PM Narendra Modi proposed doubling the income of farmers by 2022 by improving the technology, strengthening the seed sector, etc. due to which productivity will increase.

•Rural India must be provided with basic requirements like hygiene, sanitation, drinking water, schooling, health centers, etc. The late former president APJ Abdul Kalam introduce a concept of Provision of urban Amenities to rural area, by thus infrastructure of rural area will improve and farmer will get proper facilities.

•The Jawaharlal Rozgar Yojna was initiated to improve the life of farmer as the central government promises to provide Rs. 10000/- loan to farmers. Good quality of seed, pesticides and fertilizers are provided so that the future of our farmers must be brighter.

Amazing techniques that government should promote

As the majority of farmer are not aware about the innovation and technologies that are launched and introduced for them. So it is becoming difficult for the farmers to implement them. Firstly, government must provide them knowledge and taught them about the new innovation so that they can use them earn more money with less effort and less use of resources.

Permaculture is a permanent agriculture in which agriculture landscape are designed to work with nature without use of chemical and machinery. It can be applied to any type of land to make it fertile. In this, all natural components are used.

Hydroponics is now a days a best techniques to grow crop without soil. This technique can be done anywhere. Many people are successful hydroponics growers. It does not require field due to which it is less prone to soil borne disease and give greater yield.

Multi layer farming is a process of planting the multiple crop of different height together on the same field at same time. Generally, fruit and vegetables are grown together. Its aim is to utilize less space and get greater yield to earn more money.

What we can do help and support them?

•We can opt to eat in those restaurant and cafes where the fishes are made directly using ingredients from the farm. From dinner to birthday parties visit these cafes through which you can support the local farmers directly or indirectly.

•Purchase goods from local stores and vendors that sell the goods like jams, chilli sauce, cheese, etc. instead of going to chains or big market.

•CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture from where you can buy the harvested vegetables, fruits directly from local farmers and at the same time, the food will be nutritious and fresh. You can also meet the person who grow them and gain knowledge also.

•Buy the food from farmers directly as it will be profitable to them. As the middle men who purchase the goods from farmers provide them low wages and sell them at higher price. So it reliable for us.


In India, farmers lead a simple life. They do not enough facilities which can fulfill their daily needs. They live their life in the lap of nature. They do not get enough meal and they also didn’t get proper price that is to be given for their hand work. Now a days, farmers are attempting suicides because they are sometimes not be able to repay their debt due to which they feel helpless and take this step by quitting their life.

So, the overcome from this situation, Indian government is introducing many schemes that are beneficial to the farmer and by implementing them they can earn more money and live a happy life.

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