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Tractors Parked in the Crop Field

Buy/Rent Agri innovative farming tools and machinery 

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(Drone Sprayers)

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             Agri Bolo

- Rent in & Rent out farm machineries. Download app, Visit app, login, share location and find nearest rentals you want. 

-FARM MACHINES (Tractors Escorts, Water structuring unit, Mulching machine, Insect pest management devices, Tree shaker, Chainsaw, Hydroponics fodder system, Solar Dryers, Solar panels and accessories, Milking machines, Lawn mowers, Tillers, Blower guns, Augers, Power weeders, Bedmaker, Transplanters, Auto Drenching machine, UV mote device, Vegetable/Seedling planters, mobile motor controller, Soil moisture indicator, battery Pump sprayers, Harvester/pickers)

-FARM TOOLS & ACCESSORIES (Hand sprayers, Farmer safety Kit, Traps & Lures, Weed remover, mulch hole maker & mulching sheets, horticulture tools, shade net, irrigation pipes, weeder, Tarpaulin sheets, crop covers, fruit catcher, Vermicompost maker/aquatic fern growing beds, grow bags, solar lights)



- Visit app and buy used tractors and used/ second,third hand/new farm equiments such as (weeders, brush cutter, drillers, power weeder, tiller, reaper binder, fodder chopper, sprayer, ricemealer, rotovator, threasher, crompton, and many more.


                  Sickle innovations
Sickle Innovations is a farming solution company with a core focus on improving conventional farming practices through design intervention(tool development). 


-Fruit harvesters, Mango Picker, Universal Fruit Picker, Apple Picker, Comb vibro harvester, Tree shaker, Weeding tools, Stirrup hoe, Wheel hoe with other tools, Cultivator, Sowing operations, Transplanter, Seed dibbler, Double Edged -SDJ11, Double Edged -SDJ12, Crop Protection, Solar light trap, Fertilizer Spreader, Smart dryers, Vegetable dryers


                   EM3 Agri Services
-  Want Rented Service with technology/machines at your field then download app register & contact farmers connected with this platform.

-Service available in MP, UP & Rajasthan


It provides a technology platform to connect farmers who own machinery with those who don’t. Thus, ensuring farmers achieve high productivity at minimum input costs. FarMart aims to provide access of the latest agricultural machinery and modern technology to every farmer while simultaneously promoting rural entrepreneurship.


           Distinct Horizon
They are unique as they have created a machine that helps place urea fertilizer deeply in plants, to promote the increase in crop productivity and change farming in India.



-sells agricultural inputs(irrigation tools,seeds,equipments) directly to farmers.

-It has boosted the deliveries done by its field team (as against using an intermediary like India Post) to ensure the packages are delivered on time but 

available only for the following States.

Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP, MP, Bihar, Karnataka, AP, Telangana, Chhattisgarh


                      J Farm Services
JFarm Services is an initiative by TAFE - Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited to increase easy access to farm mechanization solutions through rental of tractors and farm equipment for small and large farms.


                Gold Farm
-provides solar water pumps
-enables booking farm equipment through the call service and mobile application.


                             Kamal Kisan
The company has developed vegetable planters, power weeders, sugarcane planters, versatile mulch layers and bed makers, etc.


- is the world’s first platform where one can buy, sell, rent, compare and review tractors and farm machinery. 
- It has been established to encourage farm mechanization and usage of technology and hi-tech products in agriculture to optimize yield in fewer man-hours.


                       Khedut Agro
leading manufacturers of Seed Drill Machines across India. We have a wide range of Seed Drill Machines according to the needs of the soil, weather condition of different regions.


              Kisan Raja
Solves farmers' problem of getting up at odd hours in the midnight to switch off the motors. Their key product is a GSM-enabled device called Kisan Raja that allows a farmer to control his irrigation pump remotely with their mobile or fixed-line phone connection.



- Kisan hosts National Farm Expo every year, where you can buy or Sell your products.

●Visit KISAN app  to buy tractors directly from company.


M.I.T.R.A. is an Agri Machinery manufacturing startup backed by private equity investors & the Mahindra group. It designs, manufactures & sells high-end spraying machines.


nanoPix Integrated Software Solutions is an image and video processing product company focusing on cutting-edge applications for the grading market. Our flagship product, the nanoSorter range of machines is based on the patented imageIn Technology.


                                          AutoNxt Automation
the company is working on the development of a prototype of their electric autonomous tractor, Toro, suited for agricultural applications.


           Tractor Junction
Tractor Junction is the online digital platform where you can 
-buy, sell, finance, insurance, service, new/used tractor, and farm implements. 
-We have the entire farm-related products at one place for your comfort.

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